How to get to the Brain of Mensis & Kill it | Bloodborne Guide

The Brain of Mensis is a surprisingly easy enemy in Bloodbourne. Learn how to get to it and kill the Mother Brain.

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After the success Bloodborne has left in its wake, fans are staying hopeful for a sequel. Is Bloodborne 2 really in the works, or will we be left disappointed by FromSoftware?

How and where to find Tonsil Stone Bloodborne

Completing Arianna’s questline in Bloodborne might be one of the most difficult, and elusive ones. But more trouble lies ahead of the Hunter, like finding the Tonsil Stone Bloodborne. The Tonsil Stone is a key item in Bloodborne that will…

Arianna Bloodborne | Guide and FAQs

In the decrepit Victorian-era-inspired city called Yharnam, you play the Hunter while searching to find the source of Yarnam’s plague. Along the way, you slowly begin to unravel the spider web of Bloodborne’s world, knitted with paths and secrets. Among…