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Articles by the Skilful Gamer Collective are a collaborative effort between multiple authors contributing to this blog. We initially thought of hosting a Mortal Kombat deathmatch to determine who shall have their name put up in the lights, but our webmaster ultimately decided this was more ethical.

Star Citizen: How to Take Off?

Learn all the tips, tricks, and controls to take off smoothly from your hangar in Star Citizen without landing a penalty.

Star Citizen: How to land?

A comprehensive guide on how you can land Star Citizen ships, both manually and automatically, as well as an FAQ on the landing mechanism.

Fortnite Supply Drops Guide | Battle Royale

Do Supply Drops have a specific spawn time? What’s the best gun to use on a Supply Drop? What can you get in the crates? Full Fortnite loot FAQ!

How to Change your Name in Realm Royale?

A full guide on how to change your name in Realm Royale on the PlayStation, PC, Xbox One, info on what to do on Switch, and fun extras.

APEX Legends: Dimensional Rift Ultimate Ability Guide

Need a few tips and tricks on how to master Wraith’s Ultimate ability? Check out the internet’s most comprehensive guide on the Dimensional Rift.

Apex Legends: Legend Tokens Guide

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Apex Legends Legend Tokens, all the things you can get with them, and how to get them faster.

Call of Duty Warzone: How to change language?

Call of Duty Warzone: How to change language? This guide will explain how to change the language in Call of Duty Warzone. You may want to do this if you installed a wrong version of the game and want to…