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How to get to the Brain of Mensis & Kill it | Bloodborne Guide

The Brain of Mensis is a surprisingly easy enemy in Bloodbourne. Learn how to get to it and kill the Mother Brain.

Countdown to the Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapon | Top 10 list

The Fallout 4 best melee weapon is sure to surprise you with its insane damage output.

What’s Eriana’s Vow Catalyst & where can you get it? | Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter with some of the best mechanics available in the industry. It is a game packed with content that may seem overwhelming, especially for new players. But the biggest part of the game as many…

No Man’s Sky Nanites Earning Guide 2022

Get familiar with No Man’s Sky Nanites, and how to spend and earn them.

Complete Guide to All 5 Sea of Thieves Curses

Sea of Thieves curses are amazing rewards to show off your achievements. Here’s how you cann obtain all of them.

Minecraft Lava Bucket | Full Guide 

Get familiar with the Minecraft lava bucket and all its uses within the game.

Minecraft Infinite Lava Source – How and Why to Make One?

Learn how to make an Minecraft infinite lava source and the amazing benefits that come with it.

Terraria Infinite Water (Infinite Liquid Resources) Full Guide

Learn to create Terraria infinite water and other liquids by using the easiest methods possible.

What does lure do in Minecraft? Minecraft Lure Enchantment Guide

Learn why the Minecraft Lure enchantment is so useful. As well as the ways you can acquire it.

What’s a Genshin Impact Wishing Simulator? | Full Genshin Wishes Guide

Genshin Impact Wishing Simulators are an amazing tool for all Genshin players. Learn what Genshin wishes simulators do and how to use them!