How to get Arrows in New World?

Selecting an archer path in the New World game will result in a small problem. You will need projectiles for your Bow to be able to use it. This guide will explain how to get Arrows in the New World MMORPG and start hunting players and monsters.

The process of getting projectiles isn’t difficult, but it will require some gathering. We recommend crafting some gathering tools first. You will need a Logging Hatchet to be able to harvest Trees to maximize your Wood gains. You will also need a pick and a skinning knife. These tools are basic and having them in your inventory is always a good idea. You can try to gather all the required resources without the tools but it will take much more time.

Now let’s get back to arrows.

The first thing you need to do is to place a camp and examine what resources you will need for crafting. You can place a camp using the default Y key. After the camp is ready, open it, and find Arrows. As you see you will need 5 Flint, 5 Wood, 3 Feather to make only 10 projectiles.

Crafting Arrows in New World

Go and get all the resources you need. We advise getting enough materials for making 20-30 arrows at once. There is no reason to make only 10 because you will spend them pretty fast.

After this, get back to your camp and finish crating. Now you can use your Bow.

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