Apex Legends: Legend Tokens Guide

This guide will explain what Legend Tokens are, how to get them and how to use them. As usual, I am not going to fill this article with unnecessary information. Only useful content!

Legend Tokens are a digital currency in Apex Legends. You can use this currency for purchasing different exclusive cosmetic items and new legends. These items don’t affect the power of your character, they only affect his appearance.

Legend Tokens

But as you know, this currency isn’t the only in the game. There are also Apex Coins. What’s the difference between Apex Coins and Legend Tokens? Everything is quite simple.

  • Apex Coins are always available in the cash shop. You can go and buy a pack of these coins for real money anytime. And they are used for purchasing simple items and unlocking new characters.
  • Legend Tokens are not so easy to get. You receive them only for playing the game. And they are required for purchasing exclusive items or for unlocking new characters. You can buy EXCLUSIVE items ONLY with these tokens. There is no way you can buy them with coins. If you want to get all the exclusives, you will have to grind tokens.

How to get?

The only way to get Legend Tokens is to play the game and level up. Every time you level up you get some Tokens and Apex Pack. Right now there is no other way to receive the tokens and it looks like this will not change in the future. Pay attention: you receive them NOT for winning the match! You receive them only if you level up.

Can you buy Legend Tokens? The answer is no, you can't. They are the reward for true legends who progress and receive new levels.

Play the game, receive tokens and spend them for exclusives. This is how it works.

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