APEX Legends: Dimensional Rift Ultimate Ability Guide

This guide will explain how to use Dimensional Rift Ultimate of Wraith in APEX Legends for the max possible effectiveness. This ability allows the character to link two different locations for 60 seconds with two portals. Any teammate or enemy can use these portals to change position fast. He enters one portal and jumps out of the other almost immediately.

How to use Dimensional Rift?

After you activate this ultimate your character opens the first portal and has about  10 seconds to open the second one which will be the exit. This time is enough to place the second portal far from your current location. Especially, if you use Into the Void tactical ability. This is how the portal looks in the game:

Dimensional Rift portal

Pay attention: you can be killed during this process. You don’t become godlike. That’s why this ability isn’t the best during the fight. But you can use it before the fight to give your teammates more flexibility.

The cooldown of the skill is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

There is one important thing you need to keep in mind: if you don’t open the second portal within these 10 seconds, it will be opened automatically on your current position. Don’t waste your time.

You can use your tactical and ultimate abilities at the same time! That’s very simple: you activate the ultimate, deploy the first portal, start running and activate Into the Void tactical ability. Yes guides, these skills do synergize allowing to move much faster and making you invulnerable to all the attacks.

If you open the first portal outside of a building, enter the door, open the second portal inside and then close the door, the portals become deadly! Any player who enters any of the portals will die. So don’t close the doors.

Place the portals in safe places. Remember that your teammates will use them after you so make sure you place them after an obstacle.

The portals can be used not only by you and your team but also by your enemies! This may be a good or a bad thing. But anyway, you can make a trap for your enemies.

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