APEX Legends: Rolling Thunder Bangalore Ultimate How to use Tips

This guide will explain how to use Rolling Thunder Ultimate of Bangalore in APEX Legends. This ability is one of the most spectacular and powerful in the game. It calls an airstrike that damages all the enemies on a selected landscape. It’s an AOE skill meaning you can hit multiple enemies with it. That’s why perfect aiming is very important! You need to use this skill in time in order to make it effective.

How to use Rolling Thunder in APEX Legends?

When you select this skill your character will change his primary weapon to a special “grenade-like” flare. This flare marks the starting line of the airstrike. This is how this thing looks in the game:

APEX Legends: Rolling Thunder Bangalore Ultimate

You need to throw this item to mark the starting point of the strike. After about two seconds you will see special mines landing on the ground one by one.  Once all the mines are landed, they will start to explode, one by one again. It will take 10 seconds in total before the mines will start exploding!

One again: unlike “traditional” artillery strikes Rolling Thunder doesn’t hit enemies immediately. At first the mins start to land on the ground and after this is done, they start exploding.

Rolling Thunder Tips

Make sure you aim correctly. It’s very important. Don’t throw your “Aiming Grenade” right to the enemy. This “grenade” marks the starting point of the strike, but not the center.

Timing is also crucial because the ability takes time to get ready. An enemy may try to escape if you use the ability wrong. You should also make sure that the enemies don’t have too many chances to escape your strike. You may block them somewhere with your teammates first and then use Rolling Thunder.

This ability can be used not only for dealing damage but also for controlling the position of your foes. You can force your enemies to move to the place where you want them to be.

The range of the ultimate is limited by the distance you can throw the flare. It’s not too big but you can use your other skills to get closer to the enemies.

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