Selecting a Realm in WoW Classic

Selecting a realm in World of Warcraft Classic (Vanilla) is a very important step because it affects all your future gameplay a lot. Your choice doesn’t affect the version of the game but it affects your latency and the number of allies and foes. This guide will explain how to select a server in WOW classic.

You select a server for your character during the character creation process. After the character is created, you can't switch the server for that hero. That's why it's very important to make the right decision.

WoW Classic Realm

There are several things you need to keep in mind before you make a final decision:


It’s always recommended to select a server which is located not far from you because it will lower the latency (PING). Lower latency means faster reaction and your reaction in MMO is very important.

Many players invest money in gaming mice and keyboards but don’t pay attention to latency. If the server is located too far from you, the gaming mouse will not help. You will be losing. That’s why you need to play in the closest realm.

If you live in Europe select European realms, but if you live in the USA select North American realms. This is the general rule to follow. Of course, you can try to play in NA worlds from Europe but that’s not the best idea.


The second important thing to think about is the population. In World of Warcraft, the population is shown right next to the server title and it reflects the number of people playing there.

If you want to play in a group if you like world PvP and other activities where many people are involved you need to select the world with high population. If you don’t want to participate in world PvP then you may select a server with a lower population.

As for me I always try to create a character in the most popular world. That’s because it has an active market, many people searching for groups, more enemies for the world PvP and so on.

The negative side of playing in an overpopulated world is that sometimes you will have to wait in a queue.

Preferred Activity

The next thing to consider is what kind of gameplay you like. If you are a PvE player select a PvE realm. If you want to fight against other alliance select a PvP world.

As you see it’s not so easy to decide where to play. Remember that your choice is permanent for the character. If you have a character on one server in WoW Classic, you can’t transfer it to another.

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