Destiny 2: Lord of Wolves Guide

Lord of Wolves is one of the Exotic weapons in Destiny 2: Forsaken. This guide will explain how to get it and will tell about its advantages and disadvantages. Is it good or bad? Let’s find out.

This weapon came from the original Destiny game. But in the original game, it was mostly a support weapon. Now, this is mostly for killing enemies. It's a very good thing agains shotguns in PvP.

Destiny 2: Lord of Wolves

How to get

Lord of Wolves isn’t the hardest weapon to get but it will require some grinding. Unlike many other exotics that can be found in Engrams, this gun can be obtained by completing Wanted Bounties. The chance of receiving it is quite low but don’t give up. Repeat the bounty missions again and again and finally, you will succeed.


  • Composite stock: slightly increases stability and handling speed.
  • Release the Wolves: If you defeat an enemy your burst fires two times more projectiles for a short period of time. It shots 5 bullets but after you kill an enemy it starting to fire 10 bullets per shot.
  • Extended mag: greatly increases magazine size but decreases reload speed.
  • Chambered compensator: Increases stability, moderately controls recoil, slightly decreases handling speed.
  • Shrapnel Launcher: fires a powerful short-range burst of Solar damage.

Many players think that the Lord of Wolves is great for PvP. In my opinion, it really may be if you master it. Let me explain: when you use a shotgun you expect to kill an enemy with one heavy shot. A traditional shotgun fires once and the whole amount of bullets land on the target at the same time dealing all this damage.

Lord of Wolves has different mechanics; it’s more like a pulse rifle. It fires bullets one after another. 5 bullets in a row. If Release the Wolves perk is active the shotgun fires 10 bullets in a row. But these bullets are dealing damage one after another. Thus, your enemy has a short period of time to react while you are firing.

Moreover, you have to aim perfectly in order not to miss. Your enemies in PvP always move and you have to hold the beam on the enemy in order to land all 5 or 10 bullets perfectly. But it’s not always possible. If the enemy moves fast or is slightly out of range landing all 10 bullets is impossible. You will miss and probably miss a lot.

The weapon has a bigger attack range but even this doesn’t help. The larger range makes it even more difficult to make accurate shots.

Lord of Wolves is a shotgun, but it works as a fusion rifle. The sad thing is that it can’t replace the fusion rifle and it can’t beat a shotgun at close range.

  • Against other shotguns, at close range, you lose just because it takes time to deal the full amount of damage. If your enemy reacts fast he will one-shot you.
  • Against pulse rifle, at a large range, you also lose because you will not be able to reach the enemy.
  • The only situation when it’s useful is against a shotgun at a moderate range but only if you can aim perfectly and only if you feel the distance. If you do all the things right you will be able to dominate because this weapon is a shotgun killer.

There are several things about Release the Wolves perk you must know: if you reload, the perk disappears. If you don’t have enough ammo for 10 shots, you will fire all the bullets you have. Moreover, this perk disappears after some time even if you didn’t benefit from it.

The shotgun can be really good, but you must know how to use it. You will have to practice in order to master it. I don’t say it’s bad and useless. I just say that it’s not easy to use. You must know and understand how it works.

If you are looking for more exotic weapons reviews read Malfeasance Guide, Mindbenders Ambition Guide, and Two-Tailed Fox Guide. These weapons are very strong and will probably become one of your favorite.

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