Destiny 2: Black Talon Guide

Black Talon is one of the top swords in Destiny 2. This guide will explain how to get it and will tell about all the advantages and disadvantages of this weapon.

In general, this sword isn’t the best. It has average stats and it doesn’t deal too much damage. It’s average among the best. But it has some very nice perks.

Destiny 2: Black Talon

How to get

Unlike Ace of Spades which can be obtained from a quest, Black Talon can be received as a random exotic engram drop. You can get the exotic engrams in Heroic public events and Nightfall Strikes. The latter is the best source for engram farming but it’s also the toughest way.


  • Tireless Blade: Powered sword kills grant sword ammo.
  • Heavy Guard: Sword Guard has high efficiency and high defense.
  • Tempered Edge: Increases sword damage and ammo.
  • Crow’s Wings: when you press R2 on the console or Left Mouse button if you are playing on PC your sword fires a projectile. If you press the button again another projectile will be fired rapidly.

Heavy Guard isn’t a very useful perk for me because I don’t like to block. I prefer aggressive playstyle. But if you like to block then this perk will definitely help.

Crow’s Wings projectile throwing perk adds a lot of utility. It’s the most useful ability this sword gives you. It’s great not only against trash mobs but it is also useful on bosses. You can hit them from distance or in a melee fight.

This weapon can be worth an exotic slot if you have perks that help with sword ammo. But in my opinion, this weapon isn’t must have and you can deal similar damage with many other weapons. It’s good but it’s not the best.

As for the PvP, this weapon isn’t very useful. It’s still a sword and you have to be close to the enemy in order to slice him. The ability to fire projectiles does help sometimes, but a grenade launcher can do similar things. I don’t recommend using this weapon in PvP if you want to dominate. It can still be used to have some fun, but it’s not for achieving serious results.

If you are looking for more exotics in Destiny 2: Forsaken check our Malfeasance Guide, Mindbenders Ambition Guide, and Two-Tailed Fox Guide. These weapons are all very good.

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