Destiny 2: Two-Tailed Fox Guide

Two-Tailed Fox is one of the Exotic weapons in Destiny 2: Forsaken. It's a very strong rocket launcher but there are some things you need to know about it. This guide will explain how to get this weapon, how to use it in PvP and PvE and will tell about the advantages and disadvantages it has.

Destiny 2: Two-Tailed Fox

How to get Two-Tailed Fox?

As any other Exotic weapon you, can get Two-Tailed Fox from random engram drops, receive as a reward in different game modes or purchase it from Zur if he has this item in stock.

Keep in mind that some of the activities have a higher chance of Exotics drop. For example, Nightfall Strikes, Heroic Public Events, and High-Level Raids will be rewarding you with Exotic Engrams more often.


  • Twintails: Shoots two rockets, one Void and one Solar that can track onto the same target.
  • Confident Launch: boosts stability a lot, increases blast radius, decreases projectile speed.
  • High-Velocity Rounds: Increase reload speed and projectile speed.
  • Play with your prey: The void rocket suppresses enemies, the Solar rocket deals DoT damage.
  • Composite Stock: Increases stability, increases handing speed

What I like about Two-Tailed Fox is that it shoots 2 rockets and each of them deals full damage. This weapon is twice stronger than any other rocket launcher if you know how to aim. This double rocket perk is amazing for taking down shielded enemies. The first rocket destroys the shield while the second one kills the enemy. The damage output is huge.

Play with your prey perk is also very good allowing you to suppress enemies with the Void rockets and deal DoT damage with the Solar one. But there is one thing you need to know: it looks like every time you make a shot the rocket that comes out first changes. If you are expecting it to be suppression you may be unlucky and it will not suppress the target.

When you shoot there is a small delay between the first and the second rocket. If you have a sensitive controller you may land these rockets in two different areas if you act very fast. But anyway the distance between these 2 areas will not be too big.

This mechanics has a negative side. The projectile’s speed isn’t too fast. You need to aim perfectly because if you shot while moving (or if the enemy is moving) you may miss with one of the rockets. There is a way to avoid that because Two-Tailed Fox can track the target.

This weapon really lacks velocity. This is where all the problems come from. You will need some practice before you understand how to shoot.

In general, I like this weapon. It’s very fun to use it. If you want to get more Exotic weapons read my Trinity Ghoul Guide and Mindbenders Ambition Guide. These weapons are also very strong!

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