Destiny 2: Trinity Ghoul Guide

Trinity Ghoul is one of the best bows in Destiny 2 Forsaken. This weapon is awesome and it’s one of my favorite exotics in the game. This guide will tell how to get Trinity Ghoul and how to use it in PvE and PvP for maximum performance.

Destiny 2: Trinity Ghoul


  • Lightning Rod: Precision kills grant the next shot chain-lightning capabilities.
  • Compact Arrow Shaft: Increases the capacity.
  • High Tension String: Boosts the accuracy, slower draw time, lowers stability a little bit.
  • Split Electron: Fires an arrow that splits into 3 when released. If you aim down sights and draw the bow fully the spread will be decreased meaning you will most likely fire an enemy with all three arrows at a time dealing heavy damage.

Let’s take a close look at these perks.

Lightning Rod is an amazing thing for taking down trash mobs because it deals AoE damage meaning that the shot deals damage not only to the aim but also to the enemies which stay not far from this aim. Lightning rod arrow appears in your bow only after you perform a Precision kill. You may do headshots one after another and your attacks will be empowered with chain lightning all the time.

The coolest thing is that if you have a lighting arrow in your bow you can run and switch weapons. It will not disappear. That’s great. You can just wait or use other weapons. This damage bonus will not go away and it will be used with your next bow shot.

The other cool thing about chain-lightning is that you don’t even need to shoot enemy to activate electric damage. If you land the shot not far from a group of enemies they will take electric damage anyway. You may fire at the ground and this perk will work anyway.

This thing becomes even more useful if you take into account Split Electron perk that splits your arrow into 3 different arrows. And each of these arrows can be empowered with the electricity of Lightning Rod perk. You can fire from a distance and thus cover a very large area with this electric damage.

As you see there are so many situations for using this thing in PvE.

As for the killing yellow health bar monsters and bosses, this weapon isn’t so effective because you get Lightning Arrow only after Precision kills. But if there are trash mobs near this strong enemy the things become better.

As you see, using this bow is about using the benefits of Chain Lightning. If you can use it, this bow becomes very strong. If you can’t use it because of circumstances this bow is still powerful.

PvP Potential

Is Trinity Ghoul bow a good weapon for PvP? In general, it is. That’s because you don’t need to land a shot to deal electricity damage. You can hit enemies around corners and you can hit multiple enemies at once. There is definitely a potential for this weapon in PvP. You can do very interesting things and use very unusual mechanics.

But this will require you to be accurate and perform Precision kills. Without Precision kills this bow becomes not so great.

Gearing Up

If you are planning to use the bow in the game you should equip the gear which gives bonuses to you different bonuses to bow accuracy, dexterity and similar stuff. This will increase the power of the Trinity Ghoul bow making it even better.

I am 100% sure that you should try this weapon. At least, you will have a lot of fun. But it can also become your favorite weapon in Destiny 2. If you are looking for more exotics read my Mindbenders Ambition Guide. This shotgun is also amazing.

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  1. enix 17 september 2018, 10:15 # 0
    Some players think that this bow is useless against monsters, but I think it's rather good. If you do all things right, it can destroy a large number of trash mobs fast.

    In PvP this weapon isn't the best. I personally don't like it. But it still can be useful if you know what to do. And yes, it can be fun.

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