Destiny 2: Prime Engrams Farming Guide

This Prime Engrams Farming Guide will explain how to get these useful drops in Destiny 2: Forsaken. There are also some cheats/exploits that may speed up this process dramatically but I don’t recommend using them. Find out why at the end.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to reach level 50 before you can earn Prime Engrams. If you are below level 50 put some efforts and increase your level first. There are a lot of activities you can take part in: story missions, defeating enemies, exploring territories and so on.

Once you hit the level 50 visit Cryptarch in the Tower and receive your first Prime Engram. The NPC will also give you a special Prime Attunement buff which gives you a chance to get a Prime Engram by defeating challenging enemies and completing Crucible matches. This buff is a very important part of farming the Engrams.

Destiny 2: Prime Engrams Farming

This buff doesn’t last forever and it will end in soon. The good news is that it resets every day at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. So you need to farm these engrams on daily basis.

While this buff is active you need to participate in different tasks like Wanted Bounties, Heroic Public Events, and Crucible matches. Once you pick the Engram the buff disappears.

As you see, it’s like a daily quest in MMO game. Play every day and you will be accumulating more and more Engrams.

Exploits and Cheats

The game does have several exploits which allow farming Prime Engrams pretty fast. In general, all these exploits are based on one simple mechanics: when the engram drops you don’t pick it up in order to keep the Prime Attunement buff active. Then you continue farming high-level monsters and the new Engrams will be dropping. The thing is that they don’t disappear for a long time. After you are done, you collect all these drops.

I don’t advice to use these exploits because game developers know about them. Here is what they decided to do with the players who benefit from such exploits:

If you get a lot of the Engrams in a short period of time this will reduce the frequency at which you earn them later on. The drop rates will be reduced a lot for your game account. If you use Engram exploit too much the game may block new Engram drops for your account for several weeks. This will have a big negative impact on your overall progression. You may do this at your own risk while these exploits aren’t patched. Sooner or later developers will fix all these issues.

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