Marvel's Spider-Man: Research Tokens Guide

Research Tokens are one of the 6 token types in Marvel's Spider-Man. They are not too difficult to get. Unlike Base tokens or Crime tokens which require you to fight against enemies, this type of tokens doesn’t require any type of fighting. You need just to visit a certain place and that’s all. Nothing else is required.

How to get?

You will receive the first Research Token after completing a special mission. This mission is a part of the story so you will not miss it. If you are playing the game and you still haven’t unlocked this type of tokens just continue playing story missions. Sooner or later you will be able to unlock them.

After you have unlocked your first Token, you will see the icons of the places to research on your map. They are purple. I will not put the locations of all the tokens here just because you can see everything on your map.

 Marvel's Spider-Man: Research Tokens

Pay attention that unlike base tokens there are no challenges here and you receive the same amount of Research Tokens for every objective. There is no way to get more tokens, the reward is fixed.

I recommend unlocking surveillance towers for making the searching process easier. These towers will highlight all the missions on your map. They will also help to find other types of tokens.

Once you have visited all the places of interest marked on your map you are done with this. There are guides on how to find Base Tokens and Crime Tokens in Marvel's Spider-Man. I also recommend reading them because there are some important thing you must know about the farming process.

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