Marvel's Spider-Man: Landmark Tokens Guide

Landmark Tokens are one of the 6 token types in Marvel's Spider-Man. They are the easiest to receive. Unlike Base Tokens they will not require fighting with the enemies. You also will not need to gather something. The only thing you will need is to take photos of specific objects and buildings.

These tokens are required for purchasing Suits, Upgrades and Gadgets.  There are 28 different items and upgrades that require them. Some of the players think that these tokens aren’t too important, but as you can see they really are.

Spider-Man receives an ability to use the camera after Landscaping Main Mission. You can’t use the camera before this. Fortunately, this mission is in the early beginning so you will not have to wait long.

How to Find Buildings for Taking Pictures?

All the objects you need to take a picture of are marked with the blue building icons on your map or minimap. Totally, there are 47 different buildings, which isn’t too much.

Marvel's Spider-Man Landmark Tokens

I recommend unlocking surveillance towers to make the searching process easier. These towers are useful for searching all kinds of tokens. So this will help you a lot.

I don't put the location map of all the tokens here simply because it's not required. All you need to do is to open your map. They will all be there if you have surveillance towers unlocked.

Taking pictures is easy. You don’t need to aim perfectly. These may be the pictures of the roof or of the entrance of the building. This isn’t too important. Sometimes even a picture of the corner is enough. If you don’t aim the camera too accurate this process will be pretty fast.

You will receive 1 Landmark Token for every photo you take and there are no any challenges which allow you to get more. Once you have taken photos of every object you are done.

That’s pretty much all. As you see these tokens are easy to get. Just travel and take pictures of the required buildings. I have also written a guide for Base Tokens and Crime Tokens. Make sure you have checked these guides too.

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