Marvel's Spider-Man: Crime Tokens Guide

Crime Tokens are one of the 6 token types in Marvel's Spider-Man. This guide will explain why they are so important and will help to find all the crime missions locations in the city.

You may want to get them to unlock new suits/costumes or buy gadgets or mods. Some beginners may think that suits are cosmetic items, but they allow using new abilities and powers. That’s why gathering tokens are so important.

Crime Tokens can be earned for stopping random crimes throughout the city. The crimes spawn randomly, so there is no reason to find for Crime Tokens locations. There is no such map.

How to find?

When you explore the map and travel pay attention to what’s happening around you. They are marked with a red exclamation sign on the map. The enemies may also be marked with red dots.

I recommend unlocking surveillance towers to make it easier to find such missions. The towers allow finding crimes faster. I also recommend paying attention to the police radio. It will also help you.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Crime Tokens

Always try to complete the mission with all the challenges. If the mission asks you to Air Throw 3 enemies try to do this. If you complete the challenges you will be rewarded with more tokens! A mission without challenges gives 3 tokens while a mission with all the challenges completed rewards with 3 tokens. As you see there is a big difference!

Some players find themselves in a tricky situation: they have played all the crime missions without challenges and they don’t know what to do in the late game because they don’t have enough Crime Tokens. If you also find yourself in a similar situation just relax: crime missions are not repayable. But the good news is the crimes are random events meaning they will always be in the game. Just explore the map and sooner or later you will find one.

Hope this guide will help you. I have also written a guide about Base Tokens. Read it if you want to know how to get as many base tokens as possible. 

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