Marvel's Spider-Man: Base Tokens Guide

Base Tokens are one of the 6 tokens types in the Marvel's Spider-Man game. This guide will tell you all the information about how to get them, how to get more if you have finished the game and all other details.

The reason to get Base Tokens is that they can be used to unlock new costumes/skins. And the skins aren’t just cosmetic items. They add new powers and abilities. Tokens are also used to purchase Mods and Gadgets. Many players think that the tokens are a side part of the game but that’s not. They are very important.

Base Tokens are probably the hardest to get. And that’s not because they require a player to have special skills. That because you can get them through completing special missions. These missions take time and if you die you will have to start from the beginning. That’s why getting too much of these tokens at the early game is very difficult. You simply don’t have enough missions. Moreover, sometimes you will have to replay these missions because of death.

How to find Missions?

The missions for these tokens are marked on the map with a Red Crown Logo. If it’s a demon Warehouse it will be marked with a Red Demon Mask. If you don’t see some of them on the map this means you haven’t passed deep enough into the main story to unlock them.

I advise unlocking all the surveillance towers to make the searching process faster. These towers mark nearby tokens of all types and you can find them by simply looking at the map.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Base Tokens Locations

If you are looking for the locations of all base tokens simply open your map. All available locations can be seen there.

Pay attention: every mission has extra challenges. I recommend you to complete all these challenges to get more tokens. If you do the mission without challenges you receive only one token. But if you do all the challenges you may get up to 3 Base Tokens. Some people pass all the missions without completing any challenges and find out that they have to replay missions once again to get maximum reward. Complete the challenges! It will save you time.

If you have completed all the missions and you see that you still need more Base Tokens I recommend to replay the missions.

That’s pretty much all. Here is also a guide on Backpack Tokens. Read it if you have problems finding them. Thanks for reading. Hope my guides will help.

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