Marvel's Spider-Man: Backpack Tokens Guide

When you are playing Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 you can explore a lot of places and find many cool things. One of them is special Backpacks. Why are they so important and how to get as much backpack tokens as possible?  This guide will help you with this.

Backpacks are a very important part of the game because they give you Backpack Tokens. These tokens can be spent on purchasing extra stuff and also for upgrades. You can buy New Suits, Suit Mods, Gadgets, Gadget upgrades, and other very cool and useful things. The more tokens you have the better. That’s why we recommend always collect the backpacks when you can.

Backpacks contain not only tokens but also other useful things. This is one more reason to search for them.

How to find Backpack Tokens?

Backpacks are located in different areas and they are not so difficult to find. Very often they are hidden behind an obstacle. So if you see an interesting place try to check it. Maybe the backpack is hidden there.

Marvel's Spider-Man Backpack Tokens Location

The easiest way of searching is to activate surveillance towers in each region of the map. This will allow you to track all collectible items in that area. Just follow the marks on your map or on your minimap.

There is one more way to find a place where a backpack is hidden: use R3 to see a nearby collectible. It will be highlighted with a pillar of light so you just need to approach and grab it. This may be not just a backpack but anyway this is a very nice way to get something cool.

As you see searching for hidden bags isn’t too difficult. It just takes some time and some attention.

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