Destiny 2 Crucible Ranks Explained

One of the most interesting game modes in Destiny 2 is Crucible PvP mode. It allows fighting not only against monsters but also against real players. This guide will tell you everything about the Ranking system in Destiny 2.

There are 6 main tires:

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend

These ranks are straightforward. Every player starts as a Guardian and can reach Legend climbing through all these ranks one by one. There are 2 separate ways you progress in the ranking system: Valor and Glory. You advance in Valor Rank and Glory Rank separately.

The ranks for both trees are reset at the start of a new season. All the ranks are account-wide.

Valor Rank

You progress in Valor Rank when you complete the match. You receive more points for winning and less points for loosing. As you see it grows regardless of your skill. Your skill affects only how fast it will grow. If you win very often you will be able to progress faster. This rank basically shows how much time you put in the game.

You receive Valor point by playing any type of Crucible game.

It takes 2000 Valor points to reach Legend in Valor Rank.

Once you hit the Legend for Valor you can “Prestige” your Valor for new rewards. You can repeat this multiple times. For example, there are rewards which require a player to Prestige twice.

How to Prestige? That’s simple: go to the Director and open Crucible node. Hover the cursor over the Quickplay playlist and follow the tooltip’s guidelines.

Glory Rank

Glory Rank works differently: it does up when you win and goes down when you lose. Basically, this is an indicator of your skill. As you see, you have to be a very good player to reach higher tires. You will not be able to climb high in Glory Rank if you lose too much.

You receive Glory Points by winning in Competitive Crucible Playlist.

Maximum glory rank is 5500 and you receive Legend status right before you reach the cap. This stage is incredibly difficult to reach because this rank depends on your skill.

There is also a streak bonus for the consequence of 5 wins or loses in a raw. If you have 5 wins going one by one you receive more points. But if you have 5 loses which go one after another you start losing more points.

Reason to Progress

When you reach a new rank for the first time (once for a Valor and every season in Glory), you get a special reward package. It may contain tokens, engrams, masterwork cores and other useful stuff. These rewards are very good. You may also receive powerful weapon like Redrix’s Claymore which can be received by reaching Fabled in Glory.

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