How to get Planet of Peace Emblem in Destiny 2?

This guide will explain how to get Planet of Peace Emblem in Destiny 2. You may want to get this thing not just because it looks good and it’s unique. By purchasing it you also participate in charity. It’s a legendary emblem which can be received from several sources:

Official Bungie Store. This is the easiest and the most obvious method. Visit and just make a purchase there. Unfortunately, the price may disappoint you: it costs $15 which isn’t cheap at all. At first I was shocked by the price but later on, I found out that this emblem is sold for charity purposes.  All the money received from these sales will go to the Direct Relief non-profit organization. They are gathering the money to support people that have suffered from an earthquake not so long ago. So you help people by purchasing this little thing.

Planet of Peace Emblem in Bungie Store

Side stores. You can purchase it on any in-game items auction or store. You may want to use this method just because it may be cheaper. The last time I checked prices I saw this emblem available for $9. This is $6 cheaper than official Bungie Store offer. But there is a disadvantage: such auctions and sales aren’t available all the time. You may just don’t find this item out of the official store. The other disadvantage is that you buy it from another player meaning you will not participate in charity program and your money will not go to the charity fund. They will go directly to the other gamer’s pocket.

Different gifts, bundles and promotions. There are special websites which sell in-game items bundles on regular basis.

You may also get this in Humble Bundle. Anyway, it doesn’t matter where you get the emblem redemption code from. The process of receiving the emblem is the same.

How to Redeem

Once you have purchased the Planet of Peace Emblem you don’t receive it directly to your account. You get a digital code and you need to redeem the item on a special page.

  1. Copy the code you have received from the Bungie Store or from the website where you made your purchase.
  2. Visit and follow the process.
  3. Go to the game and visit the Vault. Switch to Collections and it should be right there.

As you see everything is pretty simple. I have written this guide basically to show you that there are some opportunities out there that may help you to save money if you want to. But don’t forget that participating in charity programs is also a good thing. Anyway, that’s your personal choice. Hope this guide makes things clear and will help you.


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