How to get a Sparrow vehicle in Destiny 2

Hello, my fellow gamers! In this guide, I will tell you how to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2. Pay attention that this guide contains some spoilers. If you didn’t play the previous Destiny game then you probably don’t know what the Sparrow is and why you may want to get it. Basically, it’s a simple vehicle and as any other “mount” it allows to increase the movement speed of your character. You may want it just to move faster and spend less time traveling around the map.

If you have played the original game you also may be surprised by the fact that now it’s more difficult to get it. Yes, the original Destiny allowed players to get this vehicle easier. Some players may be confused with the fact that they have been in the game for a while and they still have no vehicle. That’s OK guys; you will eventually unlock it later on.  

How to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2?

Basically, there are two ways to receive this useful thing: you can either reach the 20th level or complete the story campaign. There are no other ways right now. There are some rumors that you can obtain it as a random drop but I don't believe this.

Which way is the best and the easiest? It’s up to you. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

Completing the campaign

If you select this method you will have to do all the story missions without a vehicle. Once you have done all the story missions, you unlock a rebuilt Tower. Visit this tower and go down to the hangar section. Find Amanda Holliday. She is the technician responsible for rebuilding ships and Sparrows. She will offer you to select one of the 3 vehicles for free. They are basic and don’t move too fast but anyway, that’s better than nothing.

Amanda Holliday gives you a Sparrow

You may also get a better vehicle by visiting Tess Everis on The Farm. She will give you a Bright Engram for free. Once you unlock it, you may get a Legendary or Exotic Sparrow. But as you see this is not 100%, everything depends on your luck.

Reaching 20th level

This is another way of getting the vehicle. You need to complete the Homecoming mission and unlock the access to the Farm after the Attack sequence. Then you need to take and complete the first story mission there called The Spark.

This will unlock Eververse shop where you can buy Bright Engrams. But you can purchase these engrams only after reaching 20th level. As you see this path isn’t free. You will have to buy engrams and unlock them.

Eververse shop

The difference of this path from the first one is that you may get a better Sparrow from a Bright Engram. But it will require a lot of grind.

Which path is better? I would recommend using the first one. I don’t like grinding. But if you are OK with grinding you may select the second way.

That’s pretty much all. Unfortunately, there is no other way to start playing the game with a vehicle. Some people think game developers made this process so complicated to make the main story last longer. You travel on foot and this takes more time. Who knows, maybe that’s the truth. But anyway, hope this guide will help.

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