Realm Royale: How to Heal and Repair Armor

There are two very important pools in Realm Royale: Health pool and Armor pool. This guide will explain how to recover health and armor with potions and with character abilities. If you lose your entire HP you turn into a chicken, meaning you are almost dead. Ideally, you need to keep your HP and armor full all the time. If you see that you are low on HP you should immediately take a pause, find a safe place, and recover.

Recovering With Potions

  • Healing Potions are green and can be found in different chests. You can also receive the potions as loot after you kill someone. Toi use it, simply hold H key. Pay attention that it will take some time before your character will be able to apply it. HP potion recovers 400 HP.
  • Armor Potions are yellow and can be found in the same places. Open chests and destroy enemies to get them. If you see that your armor is damaged hold G key and your character will use a potion. It will recover 400 armor.

There is one important thing: both potions require time to use. Thus you need to find a safe place before applying them.

Healing Abilities

A Warrior and Engineer classes have cool passive abilities. A warrior can slowly recover his health (5 HP per second) while an Engineer can slowly recover his armor (5 points per second). These skills are passive and work all the time. They don’t require any activation.

Some classes have useful abilities which also help to recover.

  • Warrior class can throw Flask of Healing. It heals you and your allies for up to 475 HP immediately in a small radius. The good thing is that you can throw it far from you, helping a friend if he is in trouble.
  • Engineer class can set up a Healing Totem. The totem stays on the ground for up to 10 seconds and recovers up to 40 HP per tick. Ticks 4 times per second.
  • Mage class can turn into an Ice Block which makes him immune to all damage for 3 seconds and recovers HP.

As you see there are no skills that can regenerate armor.

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