Realm Royale: How to Aim Better

This is an ultimate guide about How to Aim Better in Realm Royale. This topic is so important because the game is mostly about aiming and killing enemies. The better you can do this the more matches you can win and the higher your rank will be.

In general, aiming in Realm Royale is not different from aiming in other Battle Royale games. That’s why you may see some very skilled players even in Alpha. That’s most likely because they have played other Battle Royale games or similar shooters before. They simply have more experience. So the only way to become master in aiming is to practice! Here are some tips that will help you with this.

Getting Prepared

  • Get a good gaming mouse! Everything starts with your equipment. A good gaming mouse is sensitive and it has an ergonomic form. It is comfortable and it will not limit you. I personally prefer Razer mice. But there are many very good alternatives. Just visit the nearest store. It will not cost you too much but will definitely help you to advance.
  • Change a Crosshair if you don’t like the default one. Go to Game Options -> Gameplay and change Reticle Type and Color.


  • Don’t play regular matches (solo, duo or squad). It’s much better to play Training grounds mode just because you will not have to wait for a new match after death. Training grounds allow a player to resurrect immediately with all the items he had in the inventory and continue training. You don’t need to wait in a queue and gather items every match. This is the most important tip that will save you a lot of time!
  • Try to land near the most popular zones; get some basic items and fight. Very often, you can find many enemies near the Forges. They are trying to craft something Legendary. If you kill an enemy with a legendary item you may take this item, which is also great.
  • Always aim to the Head! It’s smaller than the body so you will have to be more accurate. If you land a headshot you will deal a lot of damage. But if you miss you may still hit the body. Trying to hit the head is the best practice.
  • Play as Assassin (Sniper). He has a Legendary Sniper Rifle which allows sniping. It deals a lot of damage and can sometimes kill a player with one headshot. It also has Sensor Drone ability that reveals nearby enemies even if they are hiding. It’s very good to know where your enemies are hiding. Blink is another amazing ability that allows teleporting. You can use it to pass through the walls or other objects. Assassin is a good class to train your aiming skills.
  • Be aggressive and don’t be afraid to die. Your objective is to participate in as many encounters as you can. Don’t run from the enemies and don’t escape.
  • Use advantages of high spots. If you are following my number one tip and play Training Grounds only, you can land on high spots with all your weapons and snipe from there.
  • Don’t expect to get a decent result fast. You will have to practice a lot. Play Realm Royale every day and train. Don’t try to boost your rating. Your goal is to become better at aiming. You will see the first positive results after about a week of regular playing.
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