Realm Royale: Alpha Pack

This guide will tell you everything about Alpha Pack in Realm Royale: what you will receive, how to buy and is it worth the money. 

Alpha Pack is the first item bundle added to the Cash Shop in Realm Royale. It contains several cosmetic items, an emote, and an avatar that can make your gameplay more entertaining. Here is what you get:

  • Kaleidoscope Mount – a cool looking horse. It shines and looks rather attractive. Most of the players will buy the pack just because of this mount.
  • Alpha Chicken Skin – Most of the players have to see the Chicken form many times. Make it more interesting. Give your chicken a costume.
  • Alpha T-Pose Emote
  • Alpha Spray
  • Alpha Avatar

Pay attention: all the items in Alpha Pack are cosmetic only. They will not increase the power of your hero. They will not add extra abilities. They will change your appearance or will add some cool features. But they don’t affect game balance.

Alpha Pack in Realm Royale

Reasons to buy Alpha Pack

The pack is available for limited time and it will most likely be removed from the Cash Shop after the game release. If there will be Beta stage, the developers will most likely add Beta Pack. So you may want to get the pack just because you will not be able to buy it later and get the items it includes.

You may also want to purchase it to simply support the game developers. Some players don’t really need all these cosmetics. They like to play Realm Royale. It’s a free game and it’s not «pay to win». Developers have the only source of income: cash shop. If you also enjoy the game, you can support Hi-Rez Studios by purchasing the pack and the items you will get for this will be gratitude from developers.

How to buy?

There are several ways of purchasing Realm Royale Alpha Pack: You can buy it on Steam Website or in Cash Shop in the game. Both options are equal. Just select an option you are more comfortable with. In my opinion, it’s more interesting to do it from the game.

Open Realm Royale and find Shop in the main game menu. You will see the Alpha Pack offerings. Click “Purchase” at the bottom. The game will open Steam Transactions window and if you have enough funds you will be able to make a purchase.

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