Realm Royale: Primal Awakening Battle Pass

Realm Royale Primal Awakening Battle Pass is the first Battle Pass in the history of the game. It was released on the 13th of July and it brings a lot of new things into the game. Players will get access to many new cosmetic items: Mounts, Class Skins, Chicken Skins, Skydive effects, Avatars and other stuff.

Realm Royale Primal Awakening Battle Pass

The Pass offers 65 new levels for progression. You can progress by playing matches or completing daily quests.

Every player has 3 different options:

  • To progress for free. The free option offers only several rewards: on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30th level. And the rewards are not so good.
  • To buy a Battle Pass. If you buy it you will be receiving rewards every single level (65 total rewards) and 50% XP Boost!
  • To buy a Battle Bundle. It has everything included in Battle Pass with an extra XP which will immediately boost your account to 33rd level! Of course, you will instantly receive all the items associated with the automatically unlocked levels.

The Primal Awakening Battle Pass will be available in Cash Shop for 2 months. So don’t miss it!

How to buy?

Simply log in and you will see a Battle Pass option in the main game menu. Click it and you will see a page with all the details.  You need to click the Purchase button at the bottom.

You will see 2 options: to buy Battle Pass or Battle Bundle. Select the option you wish to buy. The game will offer you to top up your Crown balance (if you don't have crowns). Buy enough crowns using Steam Transactions and continue.

Free Rewards

Reward TypeTitleLevel to Unlock
AvatarCrown Avatar5
Crowns100 Crowns10
Crowns100 Crowns20
Loading ScreenRealm Loading Screen25
Crowns100 Crowns30

Battle Pass Gold rewards (Purchase required)

Reward TypeTitleLevel to Unlock
Chicken SkinGreat Eggscape1
SprayClawmarks Spray2
AvatarWarrior Avatar3
Skydive EffectMeteor Shower Tier I4
AvatarEngineer Avatar5
Crowns100 Crowns6
AvatarAssassin Avatar7
Character SkinPrimal Champion Tier I8
AvatarMage Avatar9
TitleNewblood Title10
AvatarHunter Avatar11
Character SkinPrimal Champion Tier II12
Crowns100 Crowns13
Chicken SkinCracked14
Loading ScreenWarrior Skin Loading Screen15
Character SkinPrimal Champion Tier III16
AvatarT-Rex Avatar17
SpraySkull-A-Saurus Spray19
EmoteSob Story20
Skydive EffectMeteor Shower Tier II21
Crowns100 Crowns22
AvatarVictory Bok Avatar23
Character SkinPrimal Champion Tier IV24
SprayTyrannosaurus Radical Spray25
EmoteCome at Me26
Chicken SkinHatchling27
SprayHeart in Your Hands Spray28
AvatarSad Bok Avatar29
Character SkinPrimal Champion Tier V30
SprayBeware of Dino Spray31
Crowns100 Crowns32
MountCobalt Charger33
EmoteRunning Man34
AvatarChicken Flag Avatar35
Character SkinSly Scoundrel Skin Tier I36
TitlePrimal Champion Title37
Crowns100 Crowns38
Chicken SkinMissing Link39
EmoteSmooth Moves40
SprayMad Lizard Spray41
Crowns100 Crowns42
EmoteChicken Dance43
Character SkinSly Scoundrel Skin Tier II44
SprayHappy Dino Spray45
Crowns100 Crowns46
Skydive EffectMeteor Shower Tier III47
TitleRealmlord Title48
AvatarChicken Trophy Avatar49
Character SkinSly Scoundrel Skin Tier III50
Crowns100 Crowns51
SpraySmashing! Spray52
AvatarCrying Chicken Avatar54
SprayCrying Chicken Spray55
Character SkinSly Scoundrel Skin Tier IV56
EmoteGet Clucked Dance57
SprayRun Bok! Spray58
Skydive EffectExtinction Event59
Crowns100 Crowns60
Loading ScreenRaptor Loading Screen61
Character SkinSly Scoundrel Skin Tier V62
Crowns100 Crowns63
TitleApex Predator Title64
MountApex Raptor65
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