Realm Royale: Chicken Skins Guide

This guide will tell you everything about Chicken Skins in Realm Royale. These cosmetic items affect the appearance of your chicken after your character dies in battle.

When you die, you don’t automatically leave the game like in other Battle Royale games. Instead, your character transforms into a cute chicken for 30 seconds. If you are able to survive in this chicken form for these 30 seconds you will return to the game with low health.

That’s a pretty nice mechanics. It gives a small chance of staying in the current match. It’s very difficult to survive in this form because the only thing you can do is just run. But anyway, sometimes you will be lucky.

Every time you die in Realm Royale, you transform into a Chicken first. Most of the players will see this form pretty often. The cool thing is that you can customize how your character looks in this form using special cosmetic items called Chicken Skins...

Pay attention: these skins are cosmetic and don’t affect your movement speed or other characteristics. They affect only how your character looks and they don’t give any advantage.

How to get Chicken Skins?

If you wish to unlock new Chicken Skins you need to visit Cash Shop first. Right now, the Alpha Pack offers you to receive Alpha Chicken. The pack costs $14.99/£11.99 and allows to get not only this cool cosmetic item, but also a mount, a new sprat, a new avatar, and a pose.

You should also follow game developers on Steam. Sometimes they announce contests with cool prizes. For example, those players who participated in their first streaming event in June received Jailbird skin. Right now you can’t get this skin because the contest is over.

Some skins will always be available in the cash shop while others will be available for limited time only! That’s why if you really wish to buy a skin don’t wait. Go and purchase it. It may become unavailable soon.

The table below contains the full list of all known skins and where you can get them.

Alpha ChickenAlpha SkinComes in Alpha Pack. Can be purchased in Cash Shop. 
Jailbird ChickenJailbird SkinIt was a reward for participating in Livestreaming event. Not available now.
Great EggscapeGreat EggscapeA running egg. Comes as a reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at 1st level.
HatchingDinoGreen dino skin. Comes as a reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at 27th level.
Missing LinkMissing LinkPurple dino with wings. Comes as a reward in a Primal Awakening Battle Pass. You receive it at 39th level.
Dino SkeletonSkeletonNot available. The image received by datamining.


Q: Is it possible to avoid transforming into a Chicken? I hate this part of the game!

A: No, right now you can’t switch this off. You will have to pass through this stage.

Q: How to get Jailbird Chicken Skin? I really want it!

A: This skin was a reward in a livestreaming event. The event is over and right now there is no way to get this skin. The only thing you can do is to wait. Maybe developers will decide to add this cool looking skin in the cash shop.

Q: Will there be new skins available?

A: Not so long ago one of the game fans could extract upcoming skins using data mining. So the answer is yes, there will be new cosmetics!

Q: I missed the skin and it's no longer available in cash shop! What to do?

A: You have to wait. Maybe developers will add it once again.

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