Realm Royale: Ranking System

This guide will tell you about Ranking System in Realm Royale, how to progress, how to reach higher stages and what benefits you will receive for climbing higher. The ranking system reflects your overall performance in the game. There are 5 basic levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Each has 5 divisions so there are 25 total stages right now. There are also 2 special ranks:

  • Master
  • Grandmaster

You can see your current level on the main screen. 

Ranking System in Realm Royale

How to rank up in Realm Royale?

The only way to rank is to play the game. The better you play the higher you climb. There is separate ranking for every game type: Solo, Duo, and Squad. So you may be Platinum in Squad but have a Bronze rating in solo. If you want to climb higher in Squads, you need to play this type of game.

Pay attention: Your rank is calculated according to your performance in your best 50 matches in the current season. Yes, guys, all the calculations are based on your BEST matches, not on your LAST matches. This difference is very important! The information is taken from the game FAQ on Steam so it is official.

If you have less than 50 matches the game will calculate your stage according to all your available matches.

As you see, this system doesn’t allow you to fall because it always takes your 50 best games for calculating your rating! It will never go down! You can only climb higher.

Becoming a Master: If you achieve 50 game wins, you receive the Master Rating. After you reach this level, the game will calculate the number of kills you have made within these 50 best games.

TOP 50 players with Master rating with the most kills will receive Grandmaster rank. In other words, Grandmasters are 50 best Masters with the most eliminations.

As you see the system is pretty simple and is players friendly. It counts only the best matches, so you can’t fall just because you have lost several games.


Right now there are no rewards for reaching a higher rating.  Maybe developers will add something sweet later on.

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