Realm Royale Crafting Guide

One of the very interesting things in Realm Royale is crafting. It puts this game aside from other similar games. The main idea of crafting is to let the player create legendary armor, weapon, abilities and rare potions using special forges.

They are located in different parts of the map and they are easy to find. Just follow the special icons. There are 18 forges on the map right now. To see all the locations simply hold Tab key.

Forges Locations

Required materials

First of all, before going to the forge, you need to collect certain materials. There are 2 types of crafting materials in Realm Royale:

  • Shards – can be received by disenchanting unnecessary loot. Required for making any item in the forge.
  • Chicken Trophies – can be looted from dead players. Required for crafting only Legendary Weapon (1 Trophy) and Legendary Class Weapon (2 Trophies). Every time a player is killed he drops a Trophy alongside with his loot. You can pick a Trophy even if you didn't kill that particular enemy. 

Visiting a forge without these materials is a bad idea because you will not be able to use it. So the first task is to collect enough resources.

How to get Shards?

Getting shards is simple. Every time you open a chest or find loot on the ground you have an option to Disenchant item (X key). If you press X while aiming at the item you will receive some shards. The number of shards you receive for disenchanting depends on the Rarity (Quality) of the item.

  • Common – 5 Shards
  • Rare – 10 Shards
  • Epic – 15 Shards
  • Legendary – 30 Shards

A player can carry a maximum of 200 shards at a time. If you have reached this limit, you will not be able to collect more. You can see the counter showing how many shards you currently have at the bottom left part of the screen.

Trophies and Shards

Crafting Process

Once you have received Shards and Trophies you may go to the Forge. Approach it and press E to use it. You will see a crafting menu. Right now there are 6 items available:

  • Armor Potion (30 Shards, 30 seconds) Repairs 400 armor.
  • Health Potion (30 Shards, 30 seconds) Recovers 400 HP.
  • Random piece of legendary armor (60 Shards, 60 seconds)
  • Random piece of legendary weapon (120 Shards, 1 Chicken Trophy, 60 seconds)
  • Random Legendary Class Ability (90 shards, 60 seconds)
  • Class Weapon (200 shards, 2 Chicken Trophies, 60 seconds)

As you can see, crafting takes time. The counter starts right after you select what you want to make. But you don’t need to stand near the forge. You may go and hide somewhere near behind the crates.

Using a Forge

Once the time is up, the item will appear near the forge. If you are killed during this time, your enemy will be able to loot it.

As you see, crafting is a very powerful thing in the game. It can provide you with legendary items which are very strong. So don’t ignore it.

Crafting Tips

  • Disenchant everything you can. Don’t leave the items lying on the floor.
  • A forge is a place where you may find other players. Be careful and don’t run inside as you are the only on the map! You may be trapped. If you are playing as Assassin explore the room with your scanner before you enter.
  • When the forge starts working, all the nearby players can see the counter. If you approach the forge and see that it is working be ready. An enemy is near!
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