Realm Royale: Training Grounds

This guide is about Training Grounds mode in Realm Royale. This mode will not let you advance to a new rank in the game but it will give you a chance to boost your skills. It will help you to become a better player and understand how the game works.

Training Grounds

Training Grounds is a mode for beginners and for those players who wish to train. It has one important difference from Solo, Duo, and Squads: when you die you don’t leave the game and don’t lose your equipment. You resurrect with all your weapons, armor and consumables. You fall from the sky once again and you can continue playing as if nothing had happened.

That’s a huge advantage for training purposes. You don’t need to stay in the queue, wait for the beginning of a new match, collect items and die without any success. Now you can try game mechanics, craft advanced weapon, fight against multiple enemies without having to wait for ages between matches. That’s the most important advantage.

If you have never played Realm Royale, you should definitely start from this game mode. It has everything a new player needs, except your progress, will not affect your game rank. Doesn’t matter how good you are, the rank will not change.

The other difference of this mode is a storm. It doesn’t force players to move to the center. It allows fighting on the whole map for the duration of a match.

The cool thing about Training Grounds is that you can find an enemy very fast. The map is full of players who die and resurrect again and again. You can participate in many encounters trying different tactics and weapons. That’s very good for your game skills! The more you fight the better. Practice makes perfect.

When you die, your character doesn’t lose anything but the enemy will see the loot from your corpse anyway. The game will copy your items and drop them on the ground, so an enemy will be rewarded anyway. This feature may help to get good gear faster.

This new mode will definitely affect the community: new players will be able to become dangerous much faster. This change will lead to more interesting and challenging encounters in the core game modes.

Tips and Tricks

Now I want to share some tips and tricks you may want to use while playing on Training Grounds:

  • If you are not an experienced player it’s better to land at the edge of the map. Somewhere close to the sea and far from the central forges. This will allow you to get the required equipment at the start.
  • Don’t go to the central areas if you don’t want to fight. Most of the players will be there.
  • If you wish to find an enemy, go to the nearest forge. It’s very likely that someone is there.
  • Don’t afraid to die! You will not lose your loot. Try new tactics, weapons, and skills.
  • Crafting is important! Don’t forget to disenchant items and craft. Very often, a player with better items dominate.
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