Fortnite: How to Change Epic Games Launcher Language?

Hello guys! In this short tutorial, I will explain how to change the language in Fortnite Epic Games Launcher. You may need this because Epic Games website offers you the installer with your country’s default Language. For example, if you live in Germany you will get the German launcher. But what to do if you wish to switch to English? The process is simple:

  • Open your launcher as you usually do it.
  • Find “Settings” icon in the top right part of the window. Fortnite: How to Change Epic Games Launcher Language
  • Open the settings menu and you will see a “Language” option in the first place. There are many languages to choose from.
  • Simply select one of the languages and close settings menu.

You may need to reload the launcher to apply the changes fully. Sometimes, when you change the language, the changes appear only in certain areas. Reload the Launcher and it will solve the problem.

Pay attention: this will not change your in-game language. If you wish to change the language of the game itself, you can do it in game settings.

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