Fortnite: Supply Drops

Hello guys! In this article, I will give you several tips and tricks on how to find supply drops in Fortnite Battle Royale faster. There are several ways of getting cool items in the game and one of them is hunting for the blue crates falling from the sky. These crates are called Supply Drops. You may want to get them because they ALWAYS contain the very cool LEGENDARY item and other great stuff inside: ammo, materials, random Trap and consumable item. If you find such crate at early game stages it will help you a lot.

Where does it come from? Every drop appears in a random area of the sky. It’s a blue crate attached to a yellow balloon. The crate goes down slowly allowing players to see where it is going to fall.

How often do they appear in the game? They usually spawn twice at a random time every circle except for several latest circles.

Fortnite Supply Drops

How to hunt for the Supply Drops?

First of all, you need a place where you can see the vast majority of the sky. You may wait for it at the top of the building or hill.

When the crate spawns all players hear a special sound and can see it in the sky. The sound comes from the direction where the crate is located, so it may help you. After this, the crate starts falling down slowly. A blue flare marks a spot where the crate is going to land.

Listen for a sound and try to find the loot box in the sky. Run towards it and try to identify its final spot.

If you are lucky enough and the crate is going to land not far from your current location, you may try to make it fall faster by popping the parachute. It’s not an easy task: it has 1250 HP and it will take time before you will be able to pop it. Anyway, this may pay off because Supply Drops in Fortnite usually attract a lot of players. If you just let it go down slowly, you may face many enemies while waiting for it.

As you see finding a Supply Drop is not a difficult task. It's difficult to defeat all those players who also want to benefit from it. My tip here is: be fast and aggressive.

Using it as a Trap

If you have already gathered some cool items and you no longer need what’s inside, you may use the drop for an ambush. Your enemies also know that the crate contains valuable stuff. Many of them may try to get it. Your task is to select a comfortable safe spot for taking down foes which will be arriving to get the loot.

That’s pretty much all. Thanks for reading the guide. Hope it will help you to become a better player.

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