Fortnite: How to Land Faster?

In this guide, I will explain how to land faster in Fortnite Battle Royale. Position and timing are crucial in this game. You need to start gathering resources, armor, and weapon as fast as possible. The faster you are on the ground the more stuff you will be able to get before someone will find you. That’s why fast landing is very important. You need to start gathering before other players to get an advantage.

The first thing you need to know is that a bus comes in from a different path every time. It can fly near your favorite destination or far from it. So there are 2 scenarios.

The buss is far from the Goal

Many people just wait for the bus is right opposite their goal. They think that the less distance is left, the faster they will arrive. But that’s a mistake. It’s much better to jump out earlier and fly diagonally, rather than waiting for the bus to сome nearer to your destination. Always drop early and don’t wait for too much!

The buss is near your Goal

If your destination is located not far from the bus, jump out as soon as possible and fly straight down. But don’t fly right to the destination. You’d better select a low spot near that destination, fly to that low spot and open glider there.

Advantage of Low Spots or Water

As you know opening a parachute will slow you down, so you need to do it as late as possible. Very often, if you fly directly to your destination, you will have to path over the mountains or trees and the game will force to deploy a glider!

Try to keep your glider from auto-deploying. If you see a lake or other low spot not far from your destination you need to that lake! That’s because if you fly over the mountain or over the forest the game will force you to use the parachute at a higher altitude. But if you fly over the lake you will be able to avoid this and open your parachute later.

Fortnite Battle Royal: How to land faster

The Edge Technique

The above tips are perfect if you want to land to a large location like Tilted Towers. But you may try to use another technique: select an edge of the map which is located not far from your current location. There must be a small house near that edge! Don’t aim for the large buildings. You need a small house.

Small houses aren’t usually looted but you may find legendary or epic items there. Most of the people usually aim for big houses, but small buildings are the key.

Jump as soon as you can and fly to that edge. Go to that small house and start playing. The chances you are the first there are high.

Of course, you need to try these tips and practice a little in order to do everything in time. But when you master this you will be one of the fastest players to get the sweet loot.

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  1. Zerg 02 july 2018, 23:00 # 0
    Good guide. Right now most of the players know that they need to jump out ASAP, but not all of them know about “low spots”. This thing really works. I saw it on YouTube for the first time and right now it’s one of my favorite tactics in the beginning. It allows me to hit the ground fast, very often much faster than some others. But it really requires practice.

    If you don’t know how to do it, go to YT and watch some videos there. After this, go and practice. Only practice will help to master things like this. You must understand how the glider works in the game.
    1. enix 05 july 2018, 18:55 # 0
      Tried a few tips described in this guide in my last games. It really works. I was able to land very fast and collect good weapons. Many players don't know about these tricks.

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